Judge Sérgio Moro today (07/03) granted permission to the Federal Attorneys’ Office to question José Sérgio Gabrielli, a witness, about “Operation Sandcastle”, which is extraneous to the complaint and to the documents inserted in the record. Faced with the defense’s challenge regarding the non-existence of the document such questioning was based on, Moro stated: “You can look for it later, sir”, making evident the denial of a fair opportunity to be heard.  


Both Gabrielli and former Minister Miriam Belchior testified concerning Criminal Proceeding No. 5063130-17.2016.4.04.7000 and reinforced that Petrobras has always counted on a complex internal and external control system which never detected signs of the unlawful activities practiced by former officers Paulo Roberto Costa and Nestor Cerveró and former manager Renato Duque. Gabrielli reaffirmed that Costa, Cerveró, and Duque were old employees at the oil company and that there was no reason to suspect that they were involved in an illegal scheme.


Cristiano Zanin Martins