Prosecutor Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima has been repeatedly posting disrespectful and clearly political declarations against former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on his Facebook page. It is not news that Lima has been acting like this, demonstrating his ideological preferences by attacking Lula’s honor and image, and even questioning his aptitude to be a Brazilian President. Such behavior violates the rules of conduct established by the National Council of the Federal Attorney’s Office (CNMP), as it is explicit in the General Recommendations of CNMP No. 01, of November 3, 2016.


The presumption of innocence principle has a rule which prohibits any discriminatory treatment and the public exposure of any citizen, especially when shameful. There has been a total disrespect to the duties inherent to his office, which led us to file a complaint with CNMP today (07/04) against Lima so that the organization examines whether the Federal Prosecutor displayed any behavior that might be incompatible with his job description and if there has been any violation of their Recommendations.


Cristiano Zanin Martins and Roberto Teixeira


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