Paulo Okamoto, Paulo Vanucchi, Luiz Dulci, and Clara Ant, Lula Institute’s CEO and officers, respectively, today (06/30) proved by testifying to the Judge of the 13th Federal Criminal Court of Curitiba the unreal character of the Federal Attorney’s Office’s charges in the Criminal Proceeding No. 5063130-17.2016.4.04.7000. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva never requested or received the ownership of the real estate property at 178, Rua Haberbeck Brandão, São Paulo (SP), as the complaint leads people to believe. The testimonies were objective and incisive, proving that the Institute’s officers, along with Lula and Mrs. Marisa Letícia, visited the place only once, and once they were there, realized that it did not meet the profile established to house the Institute’s new headquarters. There was no posterior refusal, as the complaint says, what happened was the immediate discard of the property as an alternative to the headquarters of the institution. The property was one of many units visited and assessed to that end.

Lula Institute, founded on August 15, 2011, is a non-profit civil association, composed of 40 members and an executive board of 5 members, whose honorary patron is the former President. According to the by-law, in a case of the Institute’s extinction, its assets shall be necessarily destined to an entity, or entities, with institutional purposes and operation similar to its own.

The truth proves the purposeless character of this criminal proceeding as well because Lula never received the ownership of a property for Lula Institute, besides, the former President is not “the owner” or beneficiary of any of the Institute’s assets.

Cristiano Zanin Martins