The action taken today by judge Moro in Criminal Case no. 5063130-17.2016.4.04.7000 only reinforces the political purposes of the proceedings and the unfair sentence imposed on former President Lula.

Judge Moro entered in the record, on his own initiative (“ex officio”), Mr. Antônio Palocci’s deposition as a whistleblower with the clear purpose of trying to cause political effects for Lula and his allies, even because the judge himself acknowledges that he cannot take such deposition into consideration in the trial of the criminal case. Added to this is the fact that the plea bargain was not accepted by the Federal Attorney’s Office. In addition, the accusatory hypothesis was destroyed by the evidence entered into the record, including by expert reports.

Mr. Palocci, for his part, lied once more, without presenting any evidence about Lula, to obtain generous benefits ranging from a substantial reduction of his sentence – 2/3 with the possibility of “judicial pardon” – to being able to keep a substantial portion of the amounts found in his bank accounts.

Cristiano Zanin Martins