Today (04/30), former President Lula’s defense filed with the Federal Supreme Court a complaint requesting the Court to make the authority of the decision regarding Motion 6780 prevail, such decision ordered the testimonies and pieces of evidence presented by Odebrecht executives to be sent to the Federal Courts of São Paulo.

The Complaint shows that Judge Sérgio Moro refused to comply with such decision rendered by the Supreme Court when he rendered a decision claiming that he would decide on the “objection to venue” already filed by Lula’s defense in the case of the Atibaia property regarding the extent of that Court’s decision. The decision of the Federal Supreme Court must be immediately complied with and any evaluation of the trial judge within the scope of a procedural incident is not appropriate.

In the action brought before the Federal Supreme Court, the defense mentions, reinforcing their statement, Moro’s resistance to complying with the decision of the Regional Federal Court of the 1st Region.