We will appeal the decision rendered today (03/07) by the Regional Federal Court of the 4th Region (TRF4) in the trial of the Partial Correction No. 50716793020174040000. The TRF4 upheld Judge’s Moro decision that extended the production of expert evidence over the Odebrecht systems in order to include “electronic devices” from Switzerland unknown by the defense and that have been presented after the end of the evidentiary stage.

Additionally, such “electronic devices” were also examined by the Federal Police in the report delivered on 02/23, which dismantled the charges brought against Lula by the Federal Attorney’s Office as it hasn’t identified any element that may connect the former President to the amounts derived from the contracts signed by Petrobras, to the parallel accounting system of Odebrecht or, yet, to the properties indicated in the complaint.

In the same report, the experts have also verified that the material sent by Switzerland contains the same elements present in other devices analyzed, which indicated there has been the “intentional destruction of data” (p. 301), as well as the modification of their contents.

Former President Lula’s defense is using its allowed time to analyze the Federal Police’s report. The defense’s experts shall add other elements to confirm that the analyzed material, aside from not proving any charge brought against Lula, is not trustworthy”.