The expert analysis carried out by the Federal Police in the record of Criminal Proceeding No. 5063130-17.2016.4.04.7000/PR has not established any connection between the Petrobras contracts and the properties listed in the complaint, much less has it confirmed the provision of any undue advantage to Lula, as has always been affirmed by the former President’s defense.

Lula has never solicited or received from Odebrecht or any other company a real estate property to house Lula Institute, which operates in the same place since 1991. Likewise, he has neither solicited nor received the ownership of the apartment the family rents through monthly payments.

Lula has never performed any act to favor Odebrecht or any other company while President of the Republic; likewise, he has neither requested nor solicited undue advantages.

The same expert report highlighted that they weren’t able to “make the MyWebDay system work” and that the analysis was made based on “fragments of financial reports, all in PDF format” Odebrecht gave, which cannot prove anything. The fact that the Federal Police experts were able to identify the files that were altered after the Federal Attorney’s Office received the material from Odebrecht reinforces such understanding (page 82 of the report)”.