Former representative Pedro Correa’s testimony today (02/22) in Criminal Case No. 5021365-32.2017.4.04.7000/PR reinforced the groundlessness of the complaint against former President Lula in the case regarding alleged renovations to a countryside house in Atibaia.

Correa admitted that he has never been aware of any connection between the eight contracts with Petrobras mentioned in the complaint and the supposed renovation works done to the said rural property.

After mentioning a property in the countryside of São Paulo in his testimony, Lula’s defense asked Correa: “you only heard that the former President had a countryside house, right?”, the former representative admitted: “that’s right, that was it.”

Lula owns a property in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) called “Los Fubangos”, as stated in his income tax return. The countryside house in Atibaia belongs to the Bittars.
“The way the Atibaia property was acquired and how it was registered”, according to the Federal Attorney’s Office (page 111 of the complaint), “are not the subject matter of the complaint” concerning this criminal proceeding.

Judge Sérgio Moro accepted hearing Pedro Correa as a witness even after Lula’s defense warning him that the former representative had already been convicted in criminal case 470 (“Mensalão”). He was impeached in 2006 for breaching decorum, besides being convicted by Moro himself in another criminal case. The same judge, Sérgio Moro, denied hearing Rodrigo Tacla Duran, an attorney who Lula’s defense called to testify, as a witness on the grounds that the testimony of a person who was involved in crimes “is not worthy of credit”. The attorney was never convicted, as opposed to Correa.

Former President Lula’s attorney