Witnesses Alberto Youssef and Dalton Avancini, who have signed plea bargain deals in Operation Car Wash and are now at liberty, clarified in their testimony given this morning (Feb. 16) that they do not know about alleged improvements made in a country house in Atibaia and that said improvements have never been addressed in meetings related to contracts signed by Petrobras.

Youssef also acknowledged that no meeting regarding alleged agreements related to Petrobras’ contracts was held in Curitiba or in Paraná State.

These testimonies reinforce that the Federal Attorney’s Office choice for Judge Sérgio Moro to preside over the case has no actual foundation.

In addition, they reinforce that Lula has never done any act to benefit contracting companies during his term in office as President of the Republic or received any undue advantage in the form of furniture or improvements in real estate property. Lula is not and has never been the owner of the countryside house in Atibaia.

Lula and his family members used to go to the place as guests of the Bittar family, with which they have been friends for over 40 years.