“The decision entered today (Feb. 07) by judge Sérgio Moro on the motion for impeachment of documents filed by the task-force of Car Wash federal prosecutors regarding the rental receipts confirms what the defense has always said: the receipts were indeed issued and signed by the owner of the piece of real estate rented to Mrs. Marisa da Silva, Mr. Glaucos da Costamarques.

The groundlessness of the allegations made by the Federal Attorney’s Office must also be recognized with regards to the criminal action itself. Mr. Costamarques states he is the owner of the apartment rented to Mrs. Marisa da Silva and that said real estate was acquired with his own financial resources, with no relation whatsoever to Petrobras.

These statements made by Costamarques add to several other elements in the proceeding that prove that Lula did not practice any act to benefit contracting companies while he was President of the Republic or was given the ownership of pieces of real estate bought with sums originating from contracts signed by Petrobras.”

Cristiano Zanin Martins