Today (12/18) the Car Wash Task Force filed a motion within the records of Motion for Impeachment of Document No. 5043015-38.2017.4.04.7000 through which they gave up carrying out the expert analysis on the 31 rent receipts former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva filed.

The defense handed the original copies of the receipts for expert analysis, but the Federal Attorney’s Office, after seeing that the documents are authentic, gave up performing the examination. Mr. Glaucos da Costamarques confirmed to have signed the receipts in his testimony. A preliminary expert report we filed also confirmed that the documents are authentic and that they weren’t signed all at once.

Mr. Glaucos da Costamarques was the one who issued the rent receipts that gave release to Mrs. Lula da Silva regarding the rent payments from 2011 to 2015. So, imputing any forgery on Lula and his family is utterly absurd.

Mr. Costamarques’s version that said he didn’t receive the rent payments goes against the clarifications he gave to the Federal Revenue Office and the Federal Police in 2016. There were transactions in his bank accounts that matched the rent payments and neither he nor the Federal Attorney’s Office proved that the money didn’t come from such payments.

Besides, if according to the Prosecution’s opinion, Mr. Costamarques’s word is worthy of credit, the prosecutors should acknowledge that he owns the apartment according to his statement, something which removes this preposterous hypothesis they pointed out in the complaint that says the apartment belongs to Lula and that it was acquired with money that stemmed from 8 contracts signed by Petrobras.

Once again it’s clear that the charges against Lula are based on factoids and groundless assumptions on the part of the Curitiba Car Wash. When it comes to the receipts, the prosecutors should apologize to Lula after their statements having led sectors of the media to publish pieces of news saying an expert would confirm the receipts were false.

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