The motion for judgment of acquittal filed today, 09/01, by the Federal Attorney’s Office of the Federal District regarding Case No. 0042543-76.2016.401.3400 is fair and reflects former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s innocence, which has been proved especially by the testimonies of 31 witnesses. Lula has never done anything to prevent or change former Petrobras Officer Nestor Cerveró’s testimony, as opposed to what is in the complaint.

This prosecutor’s initiative also confirms what former President Lula’s Defense has always stated: the part in former Senator Delcídio do Amaral’s plea bargain testimony that incriminates Lula is a farce. In said motion, the very Federal Attorney’s Office makes reference to “DELCÍDIO’s crude version” and claims that; actually, “DELCÍDIO was only worried about himself.”

By requesting Lula’s acquittal, the Federal Prosecutor in charge of the criminal proceeding shows that prosecutors must act toward finding out the truth and not for political persecution purposes, as unfortunately happens within the scope of the Curitiba Car Wash Task Force concerning former President Lula.

In view of this motion for judgment of acquittal filed by this prosecutor, the only possible outcome of this case will be to acknowledge Lula’s innocence.