Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s attorneys filed a motion today (08/17) requesting the Judge of the 13th Federal Criminal Court of Curitiba, in Criminal Case No. 5063130-17.2016.4.04.7000/PR, to order the Brazilian Federal Attorney’s Office to provide the court with all correspondence with the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland regarding the system “My Web Day” – in addition to also providing soft copies of the documents for examination.

The Federal Attorney’s Office declared they did not have access to a “full copy” of the system, in spite of one of the informers from the Odebrecht Group having claimed to have the system’s access key so as to enter into a plea bargain, and denying it only five days after the defense requested access to “My Web Day”.

In the same motion, the Defense also requested for the interrogations supposed to take place in September to be suspended for the purpose of examining in an adversary proceeding documents that were entered of record on August 3rd by the Federal Attorney’s Office, after 34 hearings and the testimony of 97 witnesses.

The Federal Attorney’s Office carried out the late inclusion of the documents into the case’s record, preventing the defense from questioning the witnesses about this material. It is necessary to give the witnesses presented by the defense an opportunity to be interrogated again. Also, these documents were entered of record without any indication of their source and thus must be subject to expert examination.

Read the full petition HERE.