As former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s attorneys, today (08/09) we filed with the Civil Courts of São Bernardo do Campo a request for the right of reply against TV Globo. The request was based on the news report aired on 07/16/2017 on “Fantástico” (a TV news program).

Said news report intended to provide public opinion with the misleading impression that the decision rendered by Judge Sérgio Moro convicting former President Lula presented evidence of his guilt. The broadcasting station made use of voice and image resources to explore the word evidence. But the truth is that the judgment does not point out any evidence of guilt since Lula didn’t commit any crime.

The news report is 13 minutes and 16 seconds long. The first 9 minutes were dedicated to defending the judgment. Lula’s defense was only given a formal right of reply of around two minutes.

We hope the Court grants us the right to disclose the reply we sent TV Globo on “Fantástico” which they refused to air.


Text for the exercise of the right of reply

The segment aired on the TV Program “Fantástico” on 07.16.2017 regarding the alleged evidence used by the Judge of the 13th Federal Criminal Court to convict former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, incurred factual mistakes and failed to consider the incidence of the presumption of innocence – which can only be overcome by a final conviction.

 Said news report considered the decision as final, even though it can be appealed as provided by the law.

Besides, the news report tried to overestimate and artificially give credibility to a judgment of conviction which was rendered without evidence of guilt and disregarding the evidence of innocence produced by former President Lula’s defense.  

The very judgment removes the actual charges against Lula filed by the Federal Attorney’s Office, which concerned the “actual receipt” of a triplex apartment in Guarujá and which had been purchased with the use of funds misappropriated from Petrobras. According to the very judge who rendered the decision, Lula didn’t receive any amounts stemming from contracts signed by Petrobras and he isn’t the owner of the triplex apartment.

This conclusion by the judge, besides confirming that he should not be trying this procedure – since it is not related to illegal activities committed at Petrobras, therefore, to Operation Car Wash – proves that the only possible outcome of this criminal proceeding should have been the acquittal.

The contradictory and inconsistent aspects of the judgment were overlooked by the news report, placing a disadvantage to former President Lula’s defense making the right comprehension of the facts impossible to the public.

Lula did not commit any crime and his innocence will certainly be recognized by the appellate courts.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, through his attorneys.


Read the full request for the right of reply HERE.