As former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s attorneys, today (07/31/2017) we filed a formal appeal against the decision rendered on 07/12/2017, and complemented on 07/18/2017, by the Judge of the 13th Federal Criminal Court of Curitiba concerning the Criminal Proceeding No. 5046512-94.2016.4.04.7000 (“three-story apartment” case).

The notice regarding the last decision, with respect to the motion for clarification filed in Lula’s defense, also took place on this day. Oddly enough, the Court set that the filing of the appeal should happen within 1 day, something which does not comply with the legal 5 days provided in Article 593, item I, of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Despite the prejudice, the defense met the deadline.

In the motion, we inform that the appellate brief will be filed directly with the Regional Federal Appellate Court of the 4th Region, which will decide on the appeal according to what is provided in Article 600, Paragraph 4, of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The reasonable grounds that will be given, which prove that the Federal Attorney’s Office did not produce any evidence of guilt and the defense did produce evidence of his innocence, should lead to the reversal of the lower-court judgment, so as to acquit Lula.

Cristiano Zanin Martins

Read the full motion HERE.