Jose Mucio Monteiro, Minister of the Federal Court of Accounts, in his testimony given today (06/13) to the 13th Federal Criminal Court of Curitiba, confirmed that he never received any order from Lula to co-opt parliamentary support making use of funds from unlawful sources, and never witnessed any action that might indicate that the former President “led” the organization of a “criminal scheme for misapplication of funds” to this end, as opposed to what the Federal Attorney’s Office says in the complaint.

As head of government at the time, Mucio stated that the goal of the then founded Political Council was to assemble leaders and presidents of parties to discuss interests on the agenda of the Congress, occasions in which it was typical to take photos in order to record the event. This statement disqualifies the former Congressman Pedro Correa’s use of pictures of these meetings insinuating an inexistent close relationship with Lula.

As President’s Chief of Staff during the 8 years of Lula’s administration, former Minister Gilberto Carvalho stated that “under oath, I have never witnessed Lula discussing anything but governmental and republican issues”. He declared that the former President had conferences with Emilio Odebrecht, as well as to other CEOs from national and foreign companies. He emphasized that the business sector was important to Lula because his administration sought to make room for Brazilian companies in domestic and foreign market, thus increasing jobs in the Country.   

As a rule, he was the one to draw up the meetings’ agenda before the conferences and take them to Lula. In Emilio Odebrecht’s case, he said that it was usual for the entrepreneur to previously send the topics he wished to discuss, “all connected to the economy, market expansion, and development issues.” The same thing happened to entrepreneurs from other sectors. He said he was never aware of the former President authorizing anyone to deal with funds for electoral purposes.

Today’s testimonies reinforce that the Federal Attorney’s Office questions and seeks to criminalize lawful activities of the Brazilian President, as well as the government policy defended and adopted by Lula’s administration, evidently failing to fulfill its function.

Cristiano Zanin Martins