The testimonies given today (06/07) to the judge of the 13th Federal Criminal Court of Curitiba by former Odebrecht executives and now informants to the Federal Attorney’s Office,  Hilberto Mascarenhas, Márcio Farias, and Rogério Araújo, proved the arguments of former President Lula’s defense regarding the case of Haberbeck Brandão Street. Lula Institute has never had the property’s possession or ownership.  

As the person responsible for coordinating the payments of the Structured Operations Department, Mascarenhas challenges the essence of the complaint in his testimony when he rules out the possibility of someone being offered the ownership of a property as bribe. He denied the idea of using bribery money to purchase the property that the prosecution supposes was reserved for Lula Institute, as the Federal Attorney’s Office wants people to believe.

Rogério Araújo, who was involved with the negotiation of undue advantages at Petrobras, like Marcio Farias, said that he was never aware of any property related to the negotiations. Both confirmed that all the contracts were signed within the margin established by the oil company and no internal or external system of control has detected the alleged unlawful operations.

There are no grounds to support the complaint, either by assigning the property on Haberbeck Brandão Street to Lula Institute or by willfully associating the asset with unlawful resources.    

Cristiano Zanin Martins