The last claims made by the Federal Attorney’s Office prove that the prosecutors insist on adopting unconstitutional and illegal theses, which are also incompatible with reality, in order to carry forward the PowerPoint slides’ content and the obsession with persecuting Lula and ruining his history and political work.

The 73 witnesses heard and the documents inserted in the record  – especially the official letters sent by the international audit companies Price e KPMG – have definitely proved Lula’s innocence. The former President is not and has never been the owner of the three-story apartment, which belongs to the OAS and has been used by the contractor as security in several financial transactions. 

On the upcoming days, we will also demonstrate that the Federal Attorney’s Office and its informants have concealed relevant facts that confirm Lula’s innocence regarding the three-story apartment – acting in a disloyal manner, which is incompatible with the Rule of Law and the international rules that guide the practice of prosecutors in criminal proceedings.

Cristiano Zanin Martins e Valeska Teixeira Martins