The insult to the memory of Mrs. Marisa Leticia Lula da Silva and the disclosure of false allegations regarding the testimony given by former Brazilian President Lula da Silva to the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba on May 10, 2017, provide grounds for the action for damages filed today (June 6, 2017) on behalf of our client against Abril Comunicações S/A, the publisher of Veja magazine, and reporters Daniel Pereira and Robson Bonin.

The magazine’s cover and news reports (issue no. 2530) are as shocking as the shameless insinuations that Lula was allegedly responsible for his deceased wife’s “double death” for accusing her in his testimony.

The former President has never attributed any unlawful action to Mrs. Marisa Leticia. On the contrary, he made it clear once again that his wife had bought a share from Bancoop in 2005 and that she managed the investment until 2014, when she decided not to keep a unit with OAS, which took over the conclusion of the development after an agreement signed by the São Paulo State Attorney’s Office and ratified by the Courts of São Paulo.

The former President also reaffirmed that no unlawful action occurred, because Mrs. Marisa Leticia only invested the amounts of the share she had acquired, and she did not request nor accept the unit 164-A of Condominium Solaris. She has been to this property twice – one of which accompanied by Lula – and she gave up the purchase. In 2015, Mrs. Marisa filed a lawsuit against Bancoop and OAS requesting the restitution of the amounts she invested in the share. There has not been a decision on the matter yet.

This information is public and it has been repeatedly disclosed by us. Thus, the text’s authors cannot ignore it, except for the sole purpose of insulting Lula’s honor and reputation, as well as his wife’s memory.  

Cristiano Zanin Martins and Valeska Teixeira Martins